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  • 12-Module Curriculum teaching you the complete Inner Light Activation System ($1,800 value) so you can activate your inner healer
  • ​36 hours of interactive coaching calls with Evelyn to make sure this work is integrating into your life! ($10,800 value)
  • Concierge Service with weekly check-ins by our Client Care Manager who will support you for an entire year through the program! ($5,200 value)
  • Hard Copy Companion Workbook to help you integrate all the work we are doing together ($100 value)
  • Access to the Inner Light Healing Vault with over 75 somatic regulating resources, spiritual practices, energetic tools and embodiment exercises to shift your experience ($2,500 value)
  • An online community where you will have the chance to connect with the other amazing people like you venturing on this brave journey of healing! ($800 value)
  • ​BONUS: Lifetime access to the curriculum and community!

Plus a super special gift box with goodies mailed right to your doorstep!

Total Value: $21,200!

You can join right now for one payment of $2,497 (90% savings)

4 payments of $777 (80% savings)
12 payments of $397 (70% savings)

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you show up, do all the work and aren't completely satisfied within 30 days, email us your proof showing you did the work, and we will refund your tuition. No risk or hard feelings.

If you are worried about how you will afford this, consider these questions:
Will your health and wellbeing be better off in five years for having committed to healing the underlying cause of everything that's blocking your success? 

If yes, what would it take for the money to show up? How many ways could you generate that money? Perhaps through cutting costs in other areas where you know you already need to cut back but haven’t had the motivation to do so? 

Let’s take a minute and add up the cost of other methods of healing you could try…

* 1 year of talk therapy could range on the low end from $1,820 with $35 copays up to to $10,000+ if paying out of pocket!

* Self help books = $250 for 10 of the bestselling books on trauma healing… but how much feedback, support, and accountability will you get from these books?

* Self medicating and numbing with food, alcohol, and plant medicine. Many people spend $200 a month on items that distract and numb them from the deeper issues.

Now go back to the original question of "Will my health and wellbeing be better off in five years for having taken this course?" If yes, it's time to get creative so you can heal!

Healing IS possible and our students are living proof. Here are the 4 biggest opportunities for you within the Inner Light Activation!👇

1️⃣Release anxiety and depression

"Overall I feel my anxiety is better! I’ve been enjoying being in a new relationship and allowing myself to have fun and not stress. I was able to show up to work yesterday and not feel the intensity of others' vibrations. I have been meditating and protecting myself with my energetic bubble and I was honestly amazed at how calm I was. Suddenly the gossipers had nothing to complain about. Thanks so much! This has been very helpful!" -Y.S.

2️⃣Heal chronic illness

"Since doing the emotional release work I have stopped having asthma attacks. I can breathe more fully. I am in less pain overall. My migraines are less frequent. I feel I am healing on a physical level in a way I never knew possible. Thank you so much for this work!" -S.D.

3️⃣Fully love & accept yourself

"The program drew me in when I was doing all these free trainings. I was called to the program and my additional training all linked up and reinforced my decision to purchase. Since going through the program, I am noticing differences in my attitude and I am living a more authentic version of myself that I actually like me now." -P.R.

4️⃣End the cycle for future generations

"I've had some situations that have happened and resulted In losing a friendship, but that seems to be part of growth as well. I just don't feel the desire to give any energy to anything that won't have my best interest considered. That's a change right there and huge!" -E.R.

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