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Would You Like Even More Support While You're Inside the Inner Light Activation?

One Time Offer

✨As an experienced coach with 3 college degrees, 15 years in the field, and hundreds of happy clients & customers, Evelyn can PERSONALLY support your journey through the Inner Light Activation with Private Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions! ✨
You will meet privately with Evelyn every other week for the ✨entire✨ year-long membership to become the BEST, most AWAKENED version of yourself.

During your private, one on one sessions, Evelyn will guide you deep into your body, mind and soul to uncover the hidden programming that is keeping you stuck. Evelyn will support you in awakening and doing the work to reparent your inner child, shift limiting beliefs, and sit with and release the painful memories of the past... so you can live as your True Self.

This private coaching package is valued at $12,000, but you can get this now for a special one-time only price because you enrolled in the Inner Light Activation. 

Until the timer below hits zero, you can get coached by Evelyn for an entire year for just $497 per month!

✨That's an insane savings of over $6,000!✨

This won't be for everyone, and if it's not for you, then no hard feelings.

But if you resonate with me, and you desire extra support, I would be delighted to work with you.

PS - This work means the world to me and I always show up 100% to get you results.

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Total Savings: $6,000
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