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A complete step-by-step program to heal your trauma holistically, and feel better fast!

Courses, Coaching and Intensives

Embodied Healing Course

The signature course for trauma survivors to come home to their bodies and connect to their sense of safety and sovereignty.

Magnetic Feminine Intensive

A deep immersive experience for women ready to become She Who Inspires. Learn how to lead through expression, devote to the truth, and surrender to pleasure.

Relationship Rebirth Intensive

A transformative experience for couples on the brink who are ready to be guided through a deep emotional and spiritual healing process that will leave no questions unanswered.
A few years ago...

I was pushing on every day, despite being numb.

I was disconnected from myself and my partner.

I read books, listened to podcasts, and kept pumping my mind full of more strategies to improve my life and relationship.

The more I tried to do, the more unhappy and stuck I felt.

Fast forward to today...

I understand that DOING more was not the answer.

At the root of all of it -- my numbness and my relationship problems -- was a pattern of overly masculine energy.

My unhealed trauma had me wearing a masculine shield that kept from from slowing down, being soft, and relaxing...

And since I have transformed from that overly-masculine DOING to soft, expressive BEING...

I am free to be ALL of me, I am full in love and abundance, and I feel alive EVERY day.

DIY Tools and Resources

Trauma Release Meditation

A guided visualization to connect with your inner child and begin to gently release what has been stored inside your body.

Take the Quiz! Are you more Masculine or Feminine?

Find out your core essence & what it means today!

 Checklist: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A PDF checklist to understand whether your relationship is make or break.