"Evelyn incarnated to do this. This is why she is here."

David Dietz and Lindsey Lockett, Trauma Coach and Host of The Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast

"Each call was worth the price of the entire program."

Danielle Uhl, Transformational Business Coach

Michelle stopped being triggered.

"When I decided to work with Evelyn, I was doing the work required with diet, lifestyle, & natural supplementation to heal my body, but I knew I also had some emotional healing work to do to get me the rest of the way. I decided to invest in myself because I knew I couldn't do this work alone. I know it takes someone outside of my own perspective to help me make shifts in mindset.

As a result of working with Evelyn, my perspective has shifted in so many ways. I see situations differently, especially those that would have once triggered me and were difficult to deal with. I connected to my intuition and was surprised to discover that it is a smart cookie!

The biggest shift I experienced was that everything isn't always as it seems and that situations that occur aren't necessarily because of the things I believed they were.

I have resolved many issues and the biggest was shifting my automatic responses. I no longer get triggered. I understand the responses of others for what they are now, and can respond without fear.

Life shows up differently now--I feel more confident in my decisions, and more confident in my relationships with others.

As a result of this work, I have more fully healed from my physical ailments of endometriosis & autoimmune. I got partway with my dietary, lifestyle, and supplement changes, but this was a piece of the puzzle that helped me get the rest of the way to get control over my physical symptoms.

What I like most about Evelyn is how open and non-judgemental she is. I felt accepted just as I was. And the Voxer support between sessions was a really great feature - if there was anything that came up between sessions, I could bring it up right away instead of having to wait. That really helped to move things along and help me process.

Evelyn is gifted at tuning in to what the real heart of the matter is with any challenge. She can see the things that I can definitely not see clearly myself. Evelyn made me feel safe and supported and that allowed me to open up. She is passionate about supporting others to heal and grow.

If I were speaking to a friend who’s considering working with Evelyn, I’d tell them that if they’re ready to heal and release all the things that have been holding them back, Evelyn is your woman. She'll help you overcome mindset blocks, heal past traumas, and support your best self to emerge and grow.

If it hadn't been for this mentorship program, I’d still be spinning my wheels trying to heal my mindset blocks on my own, and likely not making any progress."

Michelle Dowker, MSc, ND Wellness Strategist www.wellbalance.ca

"My trauma no longer haunts me."

"Going through the Trauma Transformation Intensive has allowed me to come to terms with my past trauma. It is no longer something that haunts me.

Doing this has enabled me to repair other areas of my life, too. My business has improved tremendously! My focus and organization is great. I have better control over my finances, and have I have 80% cleared my debt. I am finally getting back on my feet after many years of struggling.

I feel stronger physically and emotionally and am ready to move forward with my life.

Evelyn is a beautiful, warm spirited, knowledgeable woman. She has a unique way of making you feel protected. During our sessions it was as though she was right there holding my hand, walking me through my past experiences. 

With Evelyn's guidance I now know that my dreams will be my reality."


Brenda learned how to trust her intuition.

"Before working with Evelyn, I had been exploring many things, but not taking action on any of them. I reached out to Evelyn because I knew I was stuck. At our first meeting, I knew I could trust her. I immediately signed up for her mentorship program. Because I really wanted some action to come out of this time and financial commitment, I was open to whatever methods Evelyn thought would be helpful to me.

I had a lot of “wow” moments during the program. Evelyn kept asking deep questions, and the answers kept falling out of me. Truthfully, I already knew all the answers, but I needed Evelyn's help to acknowledge them. I’ve found the muscle testing to be especially helpful because I’ve struggled with knowing whether the answers I was receiving were coming from my intuition or my mind. Now I trust the intuition of my body to provide guidance for me.

I think this program should be called “Recognition of Yourself,” because all of the information that was revealed I already knew. I just didn’t believe that it could be true. Evelyn helped me to have self-confidence in what I have to offer the world. I’ve become a Reiki practitioner, and created a website to offer energy healing and spiritual guidance.

I am so appreciative of the guidance and support that Evelyn gave me during the time that I worked with her. It really made all the difference to know that I could trust her."


She learned how to love herself unconditionally.

When I started to work with Evelyn in the Trauma Transformation Intensive, I was struggling with anxiety and dissociation. I wasn't sleeping, I was crying all the time, and most of the time I felt like I was floating around in time and space. Feeling like I couldn't exist was the final push to start work with Evelyn.

Since going through the Trauma Transformation Intensive, I have resolved a lot of my control and anxiety issues around needing to obsess over what is happening or could happen all the time. I have been able to relax and enjoy being along for the ride, and I have mostly resolved my existential crisis about why we exist. 

With the new tools and insights I have, I know how to love myself unconditionally, take care of myself, and continue to unlock and heal past traumas.

I no longer believe something is wrong with me. I am patient with myself and speak kindly to myself in my inner voice as often as possible.

I can write my own story without past influences and other external voices bogging me down. I have a deeper appreciation for universal energies and spirituality. 

Therapists never really engaged with my issues in a way that made me feel heard; it was just repeated back to me in a nicely packaged way. But Evelyn engaged with my question, fears, and life problems in a very real way and wasn't afraid to dive right in and give me hard truths. She had insights and methods for releasing emotions I would have never ever thought of. 

I liked the weekly "homework." It made it feel like there was structure and mission and purpose in everything, every single day.

Evelyn had me showing up for myself in ways I did not know I could.

I am more present and I don't feel the urgency to be distracted. I can sit with myself and my thoughts, which makes me able to observe life more attentively. I am less triggered, and therefore less irritable with others around me. 

I felt really seen and validated, like she truly understood and deeply cared. Therapists in my experience don't want to get in too deeply with their patients. It is always very surface level. Evelyn provided something different. It was a deep dive into the body (something I didn't know I could do!) and a very different structure and validation in the best way.

Working with Evelyn was like talking to a friend who truly wants you to access your powers and highest self.


Lyndsay learned how to feel safe.

“Somehow you are able to scare the shit out of me but make me feel safe at the same time. And I don’t understand it because I’ve never been able to feel those things together. You are truly in your calling. ”


Erika had a big release and shifted into a peaceful state.

“Two days after our session I had this big release and I started crying and I had a huge realization about how I wanted to dedicate my life to my writing and I’ve been focusing on the wrong things for so long.

It was crazy, I felt like I woke up from a dream where I couldn’t write and it was just a dream. I realized I hadn’t been applying my discipline to my creativity. We cleared that out with the session and I'm remembering I CAN do this! I just need to build structures that support me.

Thank you thank you. Everything you did was a huge huge help for me and this whole week I’ve been in this completely different peaceful calm state. My writing has come to a completely new level. I always knew I could do it but I was scared of fucking it up. I know it's going to get better and better.”


Robin connected with her inner child.

“Evelyn has a powerful gift that allows her to see straight to the heart of what is going on. During our session, Evelyn helped me connect to my inner-child - this groundbreaking moment has set me up for a whole new relationship with myself and my inner-child - I now feel equipped to nurture and calm myself in entirely new ways. Thank you Evelyn.”


She stopped feeling embarrassed about her body.

“I no longer feel embarrassed about my body. I feel lighter, more sure of myself, like I'm embodying what I am supposed to be embodying.”


Audrey walked away with clarity.

“Evelyn is honest and realistic without the high vibe bullshit that you can find everywhere on the internet. Evelyn is very unique in the way she shows herself without confetti and that cheesy internet smile factor. She is real and raw and honest and I really value that. I really appreciate that she doesn't fear sharing the dark side of reality. She asks all the right questions and identifies the key problems and makes practical suggestions. Working with her is powerful and I walked away with clarity on where I need to make decisions.”


Mandy felt her creativity come back online.

“I can feel the lion within again! I am waking up happy. I am waking up grateful for a new day. I am enjoying creating just for the joy of creating.”


Lauren awoke her energetic abilities.

“Evelyn is nothing less than an authentic healer. Evelyn not only helped me get where I needed to go, she did it with compassion and grace! Her belief in my abilities has become contagious. Thank you Evelyn for being such a positive force in my life! I just cannot express my gratitude enough.”


Cassie learned she was trustworthy.

“Evelyn really helped me see that I am worthy. She taught me how to sit with my feelings and trust myself.”


Haley unlocked pieces of herself.

“This work has helped me to unlock pieces of myself that have been shut down by life circumstances and experiences. Evelyn cuts right through the bullshit and gets to the core of what is going on. Working with Evelyn is like sitting down at a table with your higher self and all of your spirit guides, talking through everything standing in the way of your potential.”


Wren was beaming after...

“I had been feeling really untethered and I knew Evelyn would be the healer for me. I had a super powerful session and was beaming afterwards. So many amazing things happened.”


Scott opened his mind and spirit.

“Working with Evelyn was unlike anything I had experienced before, and opened my mind and spirit completely.”


Karen built confidence and learned to relax.

“I have deep confidence in my abilities to heal myself, and I am continuing to make progress towards that end. Most importantly, I'm able to relax into the journey, acknowledging and embracing the challenges as they arise.”


She found a path through chaos.

“I want to thank you so much for your faithfulness and consistency in never giving up on me even when I’m feeling crazy and confused when I don’t know which direction to go. I’m extremely extremely lucky and blessed to have someone that is believing in me and showing me this path.”


Phoenix felt seen and held.


Amanda reconnected to her body and healed her trauma.


Leia gained more self awareness and ability to monitor herself.

"When I decided to join Embodied Healing, I was struggling with my mind going blank and my body totally going offline when I was triggered. I could power through by going totally into the mind, but I felt disconnected and zombie-like.

I have been able to use the exercises from the course to bring more pause. It helped me remember to go SLOW and to be curious about what is going on when I feel the disconnect start, rather than try to power through it.

I was surprised that the element of the others in the group felt so sweet and relatable. I wasn't going into it thinking that I would care so much for the others, but by the end I felt quite connected to them, even though we hadn't directly talked with each other.

I'm still working on recognizing the trigger, but since the course I have gained some self awareness and more ability to monitor myself, and I've noticed that if I don't spend time alone every day, I lose that ability to feel the trigger coming up in real time."

Leia Friedman, M.S., Host of The Psychedologist; Boston Entheogenic Network

Nada learned to slow down and listen to her body.

Before I joined the program I was not very familiar with healing through the body and haven't come across the importance of the body as a great tool to release trauma. 

I could see my psyche was very active from a place of trauma despite the spiritual awakening I went through. I was on a solitary journey because I did not yet find someone who could accompany me on the releasing part and knew how to approach it from a specific narrative. And I found Evelyn!

The program that Evelyn offers is very rich, I still go back to them when in need of information or clarity, and what helped me greatly is the understanding of the connection through the body (how to connect to your intuition, listen to the wisdom of the body etc), the releasing practices and the importance of trusting the body to release.

Today I can confidently stop and connect with my body, willingly slow down to lean in and listen to it without doubting or assuming there is a "better" way... It was a game changer for me. 

And that brings me joy in welcoming healthy relationships in my life (starting with me!). Having no worries of missing something out or imagining that I am isolated now that I have the tools and the awareness of what is reel.

Evelyn is a great and generous coach, because she has a very acute sense of self that allows her to pick up your energy and see what is behind your words. Sometimes I look at her and tell myself "she is going to be big."

Nada, Love Coach

Kyndal learned to choose herself first.

Prior to joining this program I felt stressed from carrying around heavy trauma that negatively impacted my day to day life. I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was unsure how to move the trauma out of my body and I didn’t know why I kept experiencing blocks although I removed myself from the physical stressors.

I joined this program out of a desire to experience inner peace and empowerment daily. I now realize that I wasn’t experiencing these positive results because I was holding onto a specific belief that fully being myself is unacceptable in this world and if people saw the real me, I wouldn’t be loved or accepted anymore. After I participated in shifting that belief that I could actually trust myself to stay true to my design in front of others and through being fully me, I am also fully seen and fully loved. Those very desires to feel freedom, inner peace and empowerment came with shifting my belief!

There is freedom now, in living from a space of less judgment of myself and others. I now experience acceptance and realize I am still chosen by others while choosing to be fully myself.

With this inner peace, I now have more energy to put work into healthy habits that I also desire in life. Such as, a bedtime routine for quality sleep and moving my body regularly to drop extra weight and to feel good.

I feel more courageous as I move about life and less fear from holding onto specific outcomes. It feels good moving more care-free through life and the decisions that I make without the burdens of prior trauma.

Shortly after completing this program, a new form of creativity came out of me. I combined my love for words and quotes with digital creative design on Canva’s platform. I found myself experiencing joy again as I found a medium that I enjoyed and ease in creating again!

The most beneficial takeaway is my confidence in releasing trauma as I go along in life. This program taught me various modalities of movement to release negative interactions coming from others or from my own thoughts in the moment and as old traumas surface. I have several tools in the tool belt now and I am empowered with asking my own body and trusting my intuition to lead me where I need to go in each given moment.

I am most excited about living in this new way. It’s less about how others say to live and more about how my own self wants to express. I have released judgement, shame, guilt, and countless other negative feelings and now choose to live in freedom. I’m now choosing to let go of condemnation from self and others, and choose to live from a source of Love. 

Kyndal A.

Mari learned to grieve hard things.

This course really helped me to grasp the nuance that I can live a full life with joy, peace, freedom, anger, sadness, etc. all mixed up together -- not "positive only." I can grieve hard things as they continue to happen, and then release that and experience deep peace and joy. I long to be in my embodied feminine more, and as I continue healing and connecting with my body after trauma, I know play and silliness will be things I can initiate and enjoy on my own. Thank you for being a safe space!!! <3 <3 Grateful for you.


Karen started to sit in her feminine energy.

I loved learning more about masculine and feminine energies and have really been paying attention to my energy. I have been working on receiving which has been really difficult. I love sitting in my feminine and find I am in a more harmonious state but struggle sitting in it for long. It's definitely a control thing. I loved the breathing techniques and my husband and I have been practicing them!


Heidi learned to relax and trust.

I feel a lot more relaxed and more trusting that things are going to play out as they are meant to and I don't need to control them as much. I've discovered huge clarity when I'm being triggered and find a new perspective, which normally I wouldn't be able to do. You did a really good job of explaining the feminine and masculine, that really resonated with me, and I saw where I have an imbalance in my masculine side of doing and achieving.

Heidi Fryman, Coach

Crystal learned to play.

I feel really good & empowered by going deeper into my healing and embodiment work through this course!! I have been doing depth therapy and women's embodiment work for a while and feel like this course came at just the right time for me as I was finally ready to embrace the "play side" that I didn't even realize I was truly missing!! Thank you Evelyn & everyone for holding space!!


Katie trusted her truth.

This work has obliterated the doubts I had about what happened in the past. I have confidence in the truth of it now. No more second-guessing with my mind.

Katie R.

Ali gained confidence and an interview!

I've gained a lot more confidence in myself. I have wanted to search for jobs but I didn't feel qualified in the field I was interested in. But since this course I've applied to two director positions and I have an interview next week!

Ali Divine

Cynthia got unfrozen.

I had some big realizations about where some of my stored trauma was coming from and I linked it back to a situation in my teenage years. Since beginning this course I have felt really free, and like my emotions are coming to me a little more easily rather then heading straight into the freeze zone! That's huge for me.


Here are just a few of the results you will get from the Trauma Healing Starter Kit

Improved sleeping patterns
Increased energy levels
Reduction in emotional highs and lows
Clear direction and future
A higher rate of productivity
Increased strength and resilience
More emotionally stable than ever before
Stop obsessive thoughts
Happier and stress free
Reconnect with yourself
Peaceful interactions
Feel creative and alive

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