Inner Light Healing exists to help women heal from childhood trauma holistically.

Our mission is to help you fully recover from past pain through a mind, body, and soul approach that ends the generational cycle of trauma for good.
Our Founder

Evelyn Hale, CEO

  • MPA-educated former nonprofit leader who had a 15 year journey of healing from childhood sexual and developmental trauma
  • Had a spiritual awakening in 2018 that led her to her calling as an energy healer, spiritual teacher, and eventually a Trauma Coach
  • Founded the global company Inner Light Healing in 2019 and have helped hundreds of people heal childhood trauma through a mind, body, and soul approach
  • Wrote and published The Inner Child Workbook available in 2022 on Amazon here
  • Launched the Trauma Coach Institute to set the standard for ethics and integrity in Trauma Coaching
  • All while navigating motherhood, coparenting, and dating
  • ​​Evelyn's degrees, certifications, and advanced studies include: AAS, BA, MPA, certifications in psychological first aid, change management, Partnership Brokering, certified Reiki Master-Teacher, graduate of Harwood Public Innovators Lab, graduate of the Broome Leadership Institute, and student of David Deida, John Wineland, Alison Armstrong, Lisa Page, Nina Lombardo, and Lorin Krenn (teachers of spiritual intimacy, evolutionary relationships, and feminine & masculine dynamics) 

Here are just a few of the results you will get from the Trauma Healing Starter Kit

Improved sleeping patterns
Increased energy levels
Reduction in emotional highs and lows
Clear direction and future
A higher rate of productivity
Increased strength and resilience
More emotionally stable than ever before
Stop obsessive thoughts
Happier and stress free
Reconnect with yourself
Peaceful interactions
Feel creative and alive

In her own words...

I've been blindsided by a lot of things in life that for a long time I felt I "should" have known...

For example,
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2014 but didn't really know it until 2016 when I noticed it on some paperwork and asked my doctor (I previously thought I just had hypothyroidism).

I was abused as a child... but I didn't really know that until I was 35, near the end of a 10 year talk-therapy journey.

I was an empath / HSP all my life... but didn't really know that until 2019 when I started learning about energy healing.

Those are just some of the thing I learned about myself on this crazy journey called being human.

But here are some things I have never, ever doubted:
I am a mother to one absolutely incredibly 6-year old who I love more than anything in this world
I am divorced and coparenting with an incredible man
I love nature and hiking in the woods is THE BEST
I really love dancing with a straight face 😐
I am passionate about helping to end generational trauma so that adults get to experience full, rich lives, and so my kid gets to grow up in a more open world.

Thank you for being here! You can read more of my story by tapping or clicking the link below.


My Story...

 My name is Evelyn Hale, and 14 years ago I decided to Heal. I’m a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, and for years I ran from, and was dominated by that trauma. I drove myself in my career, did 10 years of talk therapy, and hit my breaking point in 2017. I was so depleted, burnt out, and racked with autoimmune disease that I couldn’t even care for my 18 month old son. In that moment I had no choice but to surrender, to honor what was trapped in my body, and ultimately to take responsibility for healing my trauma. I left my career, sought out coaches and healers, and ultimately re-defined my relationship with myself, and with my trauma, so that I could finally heal. Today I help other women who are ready to honor themselves, to create rebirth in their marriage, and to heal their trauma for good. If you’re ready to move past what’s been haunting you, then I’d love to have a conversation with you. The tools, the strength, and the peace you need are all inside you. My mission is to help you find them.


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